ProjectDox SaaS

Why move to a SaaS solution?

What's the benefits of a SaaS environment?

Increase your security

Utilise our expertise; our team are experts in keeping your ProjectDox solution secure and updated. With a SaaS solution, we can monitor and maintain, so you remove the burden of keeping the IT department up-to-date on systems they are not trained to manage.

Stay up-to-date

By accessing ProjectDox SaaS solution, you keep up-to-date with the latest functions, features and security – ensuring your system does not fall behind. Your team can quickly move onto new versions of ProjectDox, increasing the performance and speed with the 2023 release.

Remove environment complexity

Multi-systems, servers and management can lead to vast complexities for the IT department. SaaS solutions takes away the headache but leaving the experts to manage, leaving you with easy browser-based access. Avolve also manages the SSL certificates for customers.

Ability to scale to enhance performance

Need additional licenses or document storage? No problem with ProjectDox SaaS version, which can be scaled to meet demand.

Live chat support for our SaaS customers

Support as you need it, whenever you need it

Our SaaS customers benefit from priority support. Our support team is available on live chat to provide swift resolution of issues, quickly enabling your teams to continue with their projects.

Reduce system downtime to increase productivity

More than two-thirds of our tickets come from on-prem customers, many of which are due to environmental server-based issues. In contrast, our Azure SaaS customers have benefited from no system downtime – meaning they can effectively serve citizens without delay.


Azure SaaS customers

have boosted productivity, benefiting from no system downtime, while more than two-thirds of our tickets come from on-prem customers

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ON DEMAND | The seamless transition to SaaS

All jurisdictions are facing doing more with less, so having to change systems seems like an extra job most do not need. You’ve heard the reasons why it is it is important to move, join us in this webinar to find out the swift transition process.

ON DEMAND | A customer voice

Markham recently made the move from on-prem to SaaS – come and hear their experience. Why they moved, how they have found the process and areas you need to consider on your journey.

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