Avolve Events | Sharing ePlan Knowledge

WEBINAR | Unlocking Digital Solutions for Affordable Housing
Unlocking Digital Solutions for Affordable Housing: This webinar is aimed to share the investigative findings of how the advancing role of technology can support affordable housing initiatives, speaking to both government jurisdictions and technology experts.
WEBINAR | Tech Trends for Code Enforcement
Tech Trends in Code Enforcement: Reduce daily document management tasks by 80%. Introducing Avolve Navigate - enhance your Accela document management.
ICC Conference 2024
2024 International Code Council Conference Expo & Hearings | Come Join Us!
Ontario Building Officials Association 68th Annual Meeting & Training Sessions | Come Join Us!
WEBINAR | Facing resourcing challenges in fulfilling the demand for plan review?
Are you facing resourcing challenges in fulfilling the demand for plan review? Our panel is in your shoes, hear how they have overcome the skills gap and remote working challenges as they continue to manage citizen experience.
WEBINAR | Enhance Permitting Efficiency with Integrated Plan Review Workflows
Systems that require manual document uploading or downloading always add more time delays to the plan review. And third-party connectors that claim to help, sometimes just add complexity and risk... integrated workflows should be the norm - direct-to-direct, easy, so you can concentrate on delivering for your applicants.
WEBINAR | Enhanced navigation for your documents in Accela Civic Platform
DigEplan Navigate provides enhanced document management capabilities whatever electronic plan review you are using.
WEBINAR | Planning solutions for thriving communities
Increase team efficiency with an ePlan solution specifically designed for the planning department.