An Advanced Extension to its DigEplan Solution that Widens its Plan Review Portfolio

PHOENIX, Arizona, July 31st, 2023 – Avolve Software, the global leader in electronic plan review, has announced a new product, DigEplan Pro, which joins its advanced plan review portfolio that already includes the market leading solutions ProjectDox and DigEplan. DigEplan Pro has been specifically designed to provide enhanced citizen engagement and advanced process efficiency to government jurisdictions who want to go that step beyond.

DigEplan Pro is an extension of the DigEplan solution, so government agencies will still have access to a feature-rich ePlan review tool that is fully integrated to their permitting platform and workflows. Yet DigEplan Pro creates the ultimate permit review efficiency for government agencies, increasing collaboration so you can satisfy and engage applicants, and applies robust, automation audit functionality to ensure plan review compliance.

“Our vision is to maximize process efficiency for government departments, yet we know that jurisdiction processes, and how they utilize other systems can vary. It is important that we had an ePlan solution for everyone, at a level that is right for them, and it was clear to us that there was a gap in our solution suite. From an enterprise ProjectDox that enables both standalone and connected options, to a fully integrated DigEplan that is streamlined to the permitting system, DigEplan Pro was the missing element,” said Lance Clark, CEO, Avolve Software.

“Fully integrated to the permitting system, the Pro solution provides more advanced functionality for cities and counties looking to deliver outstanding citizen, staff, and business experiences through technology,” summarized Clark.

DigEplan Pro provides government agencies with the ability to access advanced intake management, to automate audit trails, benefit from real-time applicant collaboration, and increase efficiency with PDF manipulation. DigEplan Pro also delivers Single Sign On (SSO), so users can access DigEplan using their jurisdiction identity user credentials. DigEplan Pro is fully integrated to leading permitting systems including Accela, Cityworks, Clariti, and Infor.

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