PHOENIX, Arizona, August 15, 2023 – Avolve Software welcomes the City of Austin, TX to its community after it chose ProjectDox for electronic plan review and management, connected to the Amanda permitting system. The City picked Avolve’s ProjectDox due to its enhanced capabilities and user experience.

The implementation of ProjectDox will boost collaboration and productivity for the City’s staff and applicants, to shorten plan review cycles.

The City of Austin is part of Avolve’s growing customer base, which now exceeds 250 customers across five countries. In Texas alone, Avolve has more than 10 customers who benefit from our sector leading electronic plan review and management solutions.

“We are excited that the City of Austin has chosen Avolve to support their digital processes,” said Todd Jorgensen, CRO for Avolve Software. “We were able to showcase how ProjectDox was the perfect fit to meet their user experience and efficiency goals.”

Whether managing complex cross departmental plan reviews or connected to the permitting solution for building permit review, ProjectDox delivers jurisdiction process management capabilities enterprise-wide. Delivering electronic plan review and process enhancements from within the permitting solution, enabling seamless applicant experiences and workflows for jurisdictions.

ProjectDox transforms building safety, engineering, and planning compliance with enhanced ePlan control and management throughout the application process.

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An Advanced Extension to its DigEplan Solution that Widens its Plan Review Portfolio

PHOENIX, Arizona, July 31st, 2023 – Avolve Software, the global leader in electronic plan review, has announced a new product, DigEplan Pro, which joins its advanced plan review portfolio that already includes the market leading solutions ProjectDox and DigEplan. DigEplan Pro has been specifically designed to provide enhanced citizen engagement and advanced process efficiency to government jurisdictions who want to go that step beyond.

DigEplan Pro is an extension of the DigEplan solution, so government agencies will still have access to a feature-rich ePlan review tool that is fully integrated to their permitting platform and workflows. Yet DigEplan Pro creates the ultimate permit review efficiency for government agencies, increasing collaboration so you can satisfy and engage applicants, and applies robust, automation audit functionality to ensure plan review compliance.

“Our vision is to maximize process efficiency for government departments, yet we know that jurisdiction processes, and how they utilize other systems can vary. It is important that we had an ePlan solution for everyone, at a level that is right for them, and it was clear to us that there was a gap in our solution suite. From an enterprise ProjectDox that enables both standalone and connected options, to a fully integrated DigEplan that is streamlined to the permitting system, DigEplan Pro was the missing element,” said Lance Clark, CEO, Avolve Software.

“Fully integrated to the permitting system, the Pro solution provides more advanced functionality for cities and counties looking to deliver outstanding citizen, staff, and business experiences through technology,” summarized Clark.

DigEplan Pro provides government agencies with the ability to access advanced intake management, to automate audit trails, benefit from real-time applicant collaboration, and increase efficiency with PDF manipulation. DigEplan Pro also delivers Single Sign On (SSO), so users can access DigEplan using their jurisdiction identity user credentials. DigEplan Pro is fully integrated to leading permitting systems including Accela, Cityworks, Clariti, and Infor.

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PHOENIX, Arizona, October 26, 2022 – Avolve Software, the global leader in electronic plan review, and [s]Cube, who specialize in the delivery of government community development solutions, announce their partnership that enables [s]Cube to implement and support Avolve Software’s extensive ePlan review solution suite.

As the first partner certified in the implementation and support of both Avolve’s ProjectDox and DigEplan solutions, [s]Cube is able to provide government jurisdictions with a choice of market-leading ePlan review and process solutions, that integrates to their permitting partners’ systems.

“Having worked with [s]Cube as a DigEplan-specific partner, I am overjoyed to extend our partnership to ProjectDox, so we are able to jointly offer the entire Avolve solution suite,” said Jason Matthews, Chief Channel Officer, Avolve Software. “Partner collaboration is an important part of our eco-system. Partners support our delivery offerings and provide government agencies with a complete end-to-end permitting solution.”

Trained in both ProjectDox, which is enterprise connected to the permitting application, and DigEplan, which is fully embedded in the permitting platform, [s]Cube offers jurisdictions a wealth of expertise in government delivery and change management.

“[s]Cube’s extensive project delivery for government building and planning departments means that we have an insightful approach that manages challenges to lower the risk of delivering an end-to-end permitting solution. Our partnership with Avolve is exciting for our customers’ community – from building staff collaboration and satisfaction to providing ease for applicant submission and visibility,” said Haileab Samuel, CEO, [s]Cube.

Avolve Software and [s]Cube can provide and deliver leading digital permitting and plan review solutions that enable government jurisdictions to attract commercial projects – building economic growth and enables agencies to manage more applications without the need for additional staff.


SCOTTSDALE, Arizona, July 1, 2022 – Avolve Software, the global leader in electronic plan review, appoints Lance Clark as Chief Executive Officer to take the company into its next generation of growth. In March 2022, Avolve Software and DigEplan merged to create the largest plan review company in the sector, unique in its ability to provide jurisdictions of all sizes with the flexibility to access best-in-class ePlan review solutions that fit their size and budget. Clark now takes post following the end of the integration period.

Backed by the private equity firm Polaris Growth Fund, Avolve Software leads the plan review sector with the largest global customer base, advanced suite of electronic plan review solutions, and dedicated research and development investment. Having held executive positions in technology-driven companies, Clark brings a wealth of GovTech leadership experience to his new position as Avolve enters the next stage in its growth journey.

“Technology used to be an afterthought, but today it plays an integral role in local governments’ economic growth and customer service. Avolve Software is at the forefront of this transformation, with a suite of flexible, best-in-class plan review solutions that can scale to meet your jurisdiction’s demands, both now and into the future. Our vision and passion to challenge ourselves will ensure we continue to meet customers’ needs as they evolve.

“While at Spillman, I witnessed first-hand the power of technology to transform public safety in municipalities. Avolve is on a similar trajectory and is at the cusp of significantly enhancing economic development for jurisdictions globally. I am excited to be part of this movement,” said Clark.

Current CEO Gary Heath has led Avolve Software to be a leading player in the permitting sector, having been at the helm for five years. Heath oversaw Avolve’s substantial growth and successfully managed the merger of Avolve and DigEplan, which brought together complementary technologies to create an unparalleled electronic plan review offering. Gary remains on the board of directors and DigEplan CEO Jason Matthews has moved into the Chief Channel Officer position.

“Having accomplished our goal of creating stability for our customers and partners through this industry-changing merger, I now can pass the reins over to Lance who is exceptionally qualified to lead Avolve in its next stage of growth. Lance and the team will continue to champion our commitment to customer service, and suite of leading plan review solutions,” said Heath.

Clark will oversee Avolve Software’s global footprint, which supports more than 250 customers in five countries. “Avolve’s satisfaction scores showed that 98% of customers would recommend us to other jurisdictions, which speaks volumes about the value that Avolve brings to its global customer base. Digitalization is vital in the current economic climate. Electronic plan review is a critical function and its transformation creates efficiency that drives corporate investment and revenue streams. No matter where you are on your digital journey for plan review, Avolve has the solution to optimize and be your partner of choice for years to come,” added Clark.

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DigEplan, a global leader in a cloud-based, fully integrated electronic plan review, is pleased to announce the setup of Canadian infrastructure. With the increasing importance of data sovereignty, data residency, and security, this expansion supports customers within the region with data privacy, holding the data within the nation’s boundaries.

DigEplan utilizes Google Public Sector, the most sustainable cloud provider and with locations across the globe, it offers a highly secure platform for local government customers and technology platform providers. This Canadian infrastructure provides advanced security and certified compliance standards to SOC2, SOC3, ISO/IEC 27001, PIPEDA (Canada) amongst many others.

“As more agencies are making the move towards the cloud and digitalizing their entire permitting processes, we are proud to announce a Canadian infrastructure, to support our growing customer base in Canada maximize their resources,” Drew McPayne, Head of Product and Operations, DigEplan by Avolve Software.

“DigEplan provides revolutionary integration and a rich set of plan review features, enhancing the permitting process. It removes wasted processing time and unnecessary desktop-based plan review inefficiencies and complexities.”

Partnering with over 20 leading government technology platforms across the globe, and over 120 customers across five countries, DigEplan is embedded in existing workflows. Governments can reduce planning and permitting administration ensuring faster time to decisions by embracing this fully integrated, cloud-based electronic plan review.

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SCOTTSDALE, Arizona, March 28, 2022 – Leading electronic plan review companies Avolve Software and DigEplan will merge, the companies announced Monday. The combined entity, operating under the Avolve Software brand, will draw upon extensive experience and an expanded product suite to become the global leader in electronic plan review. As part of the transaction, a strategic investment was provided by Polaris Growth Fund.

Avolve and DigEplan provide cities, counties, and other municipalities innovative software to manage their plan review processes as part of their permitting procedures. Each company offers a unique solution for digital, end-to-end plan review management, dramatically improving efficiency and creating a vastly better applicant experience compared to paper and legacy software.

Since its founding in 2008, Avolve has delivered industry-leading software with its ProjectDox platform, which automates the manual, paper-intensive, and frequently inefficient building plan review process. Together, Avolve and DigEplan will offer solutions for every city, county, and state, from small towns to large metropolitan areas, across a global market.

“The merger of Avolve and DigEplan, backed by Polaris’ resources and expertise, creates a superior market position for Avolve Software. Avolve and DigEplan have distinct and complementary strengths that will enable us to serve this entire market. Together, we will dramatically increase our reach and the value we deliver to our customers and business partners,” said Gary Heath, CEO of Avolve Software, who will assume the role of CEO at the combined company.

“This is not only an exciting time for Avolve and DigEplan’s customers, employees, and partners, but also for the plan review market as a whole. This merger reflects strong category growth and the need for solutions to modernize processes that are critical for community economic development. The combination of these two brands will enable us to deliver an unmatched product offering to address those needs,” added Gary.

Founded in 2011, DigEplan was created to address the limitations of paper-based reviews and the lack of integrated digital solutions to efficiently view, review, and approve permitting plans and documents.

“In joining forces with Avolve, we will continue to provide innovative solutions to help cities, counties, and municipalities to deliver efficient electronic plan review,” said Jason Matthews, CEO of DigEplan. “Our talented team remains focused on building integrated partnerships with permitting platforms. Outstanding customer service and category-leading electronic plan review solutions have always been at the heart of DigEplan, which is mirrored by the Avolve team, creating a company with strong, unrivaled expertise to enable customers to modernize and streamline permitting services.” Matthews will assume an executive role at Avolve Software, overseeing its international business.

Serving more than 250 jurisdictions in five countries, Avolve will continue to support and invest in the existing software platforms offered by the merged companies. Additionally, this transaction will unlock significant resources and efficiencies to strengthen the company’s ability to serve current customers, accelerate its reach to new customers, and expand the depth and breadth of its relationships with permitting software vendors and professional services providers.


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