As local governments navigate the challenges of the current global climate, many are turning to innovative solutions to build resilience. Our customers have told us that this is one of the reasons they have trusted Avolve to support their communities, utilizing our leading ePlan solutions.

Avolve’s electronic plan review solutions, ProjectDox and DigEplan, support local government to ensure they have have tools in place to efficiently serve citizens throughout the permitting processes. From effective plan review management and collaboration, to optimized plan markup, local governments can ensure that they have stability in their ePlan management with Avolve’s solutions.

Adding to a wealth of jurisdictions challenges, permitting demand remains high, but skilled workers are hard to find. So tools that allow local governments to increase efficiency and manage more projects with less staff are critical. Whether you are a small jurisdiction, or a mega city, we have a leading solution that works for you.

How can our solutions help resilience?
With plan review and management integrated into the permitting processes, agencies can streamline their review processes to improve the speed and accuracy during the review cycle. Yet, it is not only the integration that enhances efficiency. Avolve’s solutions saves significant time from enhance corrections management, tracking and monitoring of corrections, to multi-page file and sheet version management, among a vast number of other functionality.

Using a modern solution enables local governments to meet the challenge of managing a growing volume of permit applications, with no additional funds for increasing staff numbers. In fact, Avolve Software’s ePlan can help you to attract economic development, creating more investment in your community. This in turns helps to reduce the impact to budget and staff cuts.

One customer told us that Avolve’s solution attracts development to their city because it is so easy to do business with them; companies want to work with that city.

With specialized tools designed in partnership with our customers, Avolve Software’s ePlan is a powerful and versatile solution making it an ideal choice for any local government looking to improve its operations and serve their citizens better.

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Would you ask your receptionist to close that critical contract? Or ask your marketing manager to run the technical support desk? While both may surprise you and be fully capable to do the job, it is not their trained role, and it is likely that things will be missed.

Now let’s look at it in the context of managing your permitting processes. Many jurisdictions have IT departments that look after their technology stack and have for years done so successfully. So, why are so many local governments moving away from on-prem solutions to SaaS?

The main answer is simply security. SaaS providers are experts in their systems. They live, breath, drink the solutions day in, day out. So, when it comes to managing the security and maintenance of these critical systems, you really want them involved.

At Avolve we have been working in electronic plan review for decades. We have seen the difference in downtime and number of issues raised between customers who are on-prem, compared to those on a SaaS solution. Not only is the security enhanced because we can apply the critical updates and patches to the system as required, but we also constantly maintain and evolve the solutions.

Minimize plan review downtime

This hands-on support through a SaaS model ensures that we can address issues swiftly, minimizing any downtime for those departments involved in the permitting process. In addition, we also offer live chat support for all our SaaS customers.

Looking at our support ticket numbers for our on-prem and SaaS customers, more than two-thirds come from our on-prem customers, a large portion due to environmental server-based issues. Having partnered with Microsoft and invested in their Azure SaaS environment, means our Azure SaaS customers have benefited from no system downtime – enabling them to continue to effectively serve their citizens.

Changing digital management

The digital world has reinvented how we engage and interact as human beings. Technology changes once approached with caution, are now considered to be the norm and recent years has seen an influx of digital tools that have overwhelming benefits.

The public sector has always maintained a more guarded approach, especially because they are trusted with personal data. However, security is a critical advantage of SaaS, which ensures those routes into the jurisdiction are heavily guarded and robust. The security benefit alone vastly outweighs the reasons not to move. 

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PHOENIX, Arizona, October 26, 2022 – Avolve Software, the global leader in electronic plan review, and [s]Cube, who specialize in the delivery of government community development solutions, announce their partnership that enables [s]Cube to implement and support Avolve Software’s extensive ePlan review solution suite.

As the first partner certified in the implementation and support of both Avolve’s ProjectDox and DigEplan solutions, [s]Cube is able to provide government jurisdictions with a choice of market-leading ePlan review and process solutions, that integrates to their permitting partners’ systems.

“Having worked with [s]Cube as a DigEplan-specific partner, I am overjoyed to extend our partnership to ProjectDox, so we are able to jointly offer the entire Avolve solution suite,” said Jason Matthews, Chief Channel Officer, Avolve Software. “Partner collaboration is an important part of our eco-system. Partners support our delivery offerings and provide government agencies with a complete end-to-end permitting solution.”

Trained in both ProjectDox, which is enterprise connected to the permitting application, and DigEplan, which is fully embedded in the permitting platform, [s]Cube offers jurisdictions a wealth of expertise in government delivery and change management.

“[s]Cube’s extensive project delivery for government building and planning departments means that we have an insightful approach that manages challenges to lower the risk of delivering an end-to-end permitting solution. Our partnership with Avolve is exciting for our customers’ community – from building staff collaboration and satisfaction to providing ease for applicant submission and visibility,” said Haileab Samuel, CEO, [s]Cube.

Avolve Software and [s]Cube can provide and deliver leading digital permitting and plan review solutions that enable government jurisdictions to attract commercial projects – building economic growth and enables agencies to manage more applications without the need for additional staff.