To complement Avolve’s best-in-class in-person training offerings, we are thrilled to announce the launch of the Avolve Learning Center! The Learning Center offers role-based training for ProjectDox that is self-paced. Our inaugural offering is the Foundation Package. This package covers all fundamental aspects of using ProjectDox and includes distinct training modules for three key plan review roles: plan reviewers, coordinators, and system administrators. While each module includes a standard learning plan, learning plans can also be tailored to individual users.

The Avolve Learning Center is intended to complement our personalized in-person training program and helps to ensure that users are maximizing the benefits of ProjectDox. It enables customers to:

  • Address the training needs of all ProjectDox users, including new and existing employees, as well as those with different roles in the plan review process 
  • Learn at their own pace 
  • Customize learning paths
  • Access training material at all times
  • Simplify new employee onboarding
  • Quickly and efficiently learn about new versions and features of ProjectDox
  • Provide certifications to employees who complete assigned modules
  • Access reporting and analytics for progress tracking

Beyond the Foundation Package, the Avolve Learning Center will soon offer system upgrades, new features, and more advanced topics. Next to be released is additional certification levels with videos that dive into the tools intended for intermediate users. Subsequent enhancements will include expert-level certifications and training on advanced tools and techniques.  

The Avolve Learning Center is offered as an add-on for new and existing ProjectDox customers who may purchase licenses for their employees.

For more information on the Avolve Learning Center and how to make your ProjectDox training efforts more efficient and cost-effective, contact your account manager or get in touch.