Uploading Files

You can upload files to any folder for which you have Upload privileges by clicking Upload Files:

The HTML uploader screen will display:

The System Administrator determines which file types can be uploaded. If you attempt to upload a file type that is not allowed, you either will not be able to see it in the list (if using Browse For Files, or if using drag-and-drop, you will receive a message indicating the file type is not allowed. The following is a list of invalid characters in a file name for upload:

Files can be consolidated into .ZIP files to save on upload time to the ProjectDox application. When the ZIP file is uploaded successfully, the application will unzip the file and process the files in the folder as individual files. ZIP files cannot be retained in folders within ProjectDox. Once the file is uploaded, any hierarchy that existed in the zip will not be recreated. It should also be noted that any files that are not allowed will keep the .ZIP file from publishing, as seen below.

Use one of the two following methods:

The image above shows the uploader dialog with files selected. You can:

Submission Policy Icons may display in the Bulk Uploader modal if “PDF Only Submission Policies” are enabled in the File Upload or Version Upload formlet. Descriptions of these Icons will also appear at the bottom on the Bulk Uploader modal:

If submission policy issues are found with files, a Remove / Get Report button will display to allow the applicant to remove the files with issues from the bulk upload file list and automatically download a Files with Issues PDF. The report will allow the applicant to see the list of files with issues that were not uploaded the issues associated with each file. Once the files with issues have been removed from the bulk upload modal, the Start Upload button will display to upload the files that passed the submission policy.