Being a customer-centric company, we wanted to develop a better user experience by finding new, easier ways to interact within DigEplan. At Avolve, we consider user experience and user interface to be a core component in our electronic plan review solution, and therefore, have added the following enhancements to strengthen DigEplan’s functionality:

  • Improved visual grids for quicker loading times and a cleaner look
  • Enhanced toolbar icons for easy navigation
  • Batch editing which is a new feature that enables users to edit multiple cells simultaneously
  • Correspondence side panel where users can display messages more freely throughout the plan review cycle with its collapsing messaging panel

Avolve Software prides itself on working with existing customers to enhance functionality, understand workflows and processes, and simply improve our offering. This ensures jurisdictions are investing in a partner that supports their choices and empowers them to work more productively.

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