Avolve in 2023 – let’s start as we mean to go on… 

By Lance Clark, CEO 


As we closed out 2022, I have been reflecting on the amazing journey that Avolve Software has been on this past year. We welcomed over 40 new customers in 2022 from North America and Europe and experienced a year-on-year growth of almost 20%. 

Having combined two electronic plan review industry leaders back in March, we had a powerful technology combination that has proven to be a successful recipe… 

Building our strength 

Our customers tell us that they love our vision – we know jurisdictions can be more efficient and it is our job to support them with advanced digital solutions. This is why we invest more in research and development than our competitors.

Yet, we could not do this alone and our community is critical to our success. Our close-knit communication with our customers helps keep us on the right path, and our expanding partner eco-system is fundamental to providing integrated ePlan solutions and expert implementation. 

We signed a further three new partners in 2022, as we believe that together we are stronger. A joint approach to solutions and delivery removes the barriers for jurisdictions, enhancing productivity and enables a collaborative success. 

The common theme across our communities, both customers and partners, is that they believe that our people drive our differentiation. The determination, commitment, and passion that our employees have for this business has amazed me, and it is clearly evident to our communities. 

The dedication to doing the very best job, is at the forefront of Avolve’s everyday – ingrained in the culture. This is going to a huge advantage as we encounter the challenges of 2023. 

A year of uncertainty 

As we look to the year ahead, many feel nervousness. The previous few years have shown us that not everything can be planned. 

Amid continuing medical, environmental, financial, and political turmoil, the world needs to keep turning and, in our universe, plans will be submitted, and permits required. What we can do is ensure that we have processes and systems in place that can weather the storms. 

Digitalization has proven to be vital in times of uncertainty. Electronic plan review is one area that has been historically vastly under-resourced – but recent years has demonstrated the enormous headache that this can bring. 

Some are now reaping the rewards of increased process efficiency enabling them to cope better with less staff or manage the influxes of permitting applications. Others are finding it easier to recruit and retain employees with higher staff satisfaction. And above all, jurisdictions are benefiting from attracting commercial development and enhancing their citizen’s experience. We know that working in partnership going into 2023 that we can support with effective electronic plan review that aids community development.   

I very much wish everyone an awesome year – let’s hope we can ride the waves and achieve some amazing things together!